Prints & Originals

On Teun.Gallery you can find the latest paintings by Dutch artist Teun Buma. Besides original work the shop offers limited edition prints of some past favorites in the artshop. And if you are looking for more customized art? There are dozens of works from both commercial as private clients, so glad to tell you more..



“I use collage techniques to tell visual stories. Armed with, paper, pen and paint every work is a puzzle, a process where subconsciousness and music drive me to move fast. I only stand still to treasure the little fragments in my work. Small pieces  come which just as fast come to life as they are sacrificed for the greater part. The struggle to blend those layers into unity, that is my challenge.”

Teun Buma, born The Hague, Netherlands. His work is an expressive interplay of many diverse words, images, and gestures. Mastering digital and manual techniques he has worked on commission for brands like Converse, Birò, Red Bull and Smirnoff. Teun currently resides and works in Amsterdam.